New Girl Without a Personality?
I traded my Keelin (Elisabeth) for a lip-chipped Pru and I'm not sure yet if I'm bonding with her. I've had her for a month I think, and she's adorable and I actually like her lips the way they are, white, instead of pink...but Idk if I'll keep her. We'll see.

So here's just a few photos of her on her latest shoot, and an two others where she's wearing diff. wigs.

Her name is Geronimo atm, but it will probably change.


[Image: doll7.jpg]

[Image: doll3.jpg]

[Image: doll4.jpg]

[Image: doll6.jpg]

Oh, and the wig she's wearing in the above pics is Alex's wig (he has another one that's on the way, but it's not here yet so he's bald and NOT happy.... lol. PIC:
[Image: 101_4341.jpg]

Other pics of her:
[Image: 101_4291.jpg]

[Image: wig2.jpg]

So yeah, she's really pretty, but she kinda feels like a ghost to me if that makes sense. She's not really 'here'. :/

Comments are <3!

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Aww I think she looks super cute with the white wig, and you are right her lips are actually nice like that hmmm I like the name Hauna for her for some reason<3
I think she looks great in the ginger colored wig. Since her lips are so pale, I love how the wig gives her color. She's very pretty!
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Well, contact me, and we can maybe find her a personality...She is sooooo lovely, and she quite needs one!!
She is very sweet! I hope you can nail her personality soon, that's the hardest part for me. lol
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She is very pretty. I personally like her in the white wig. I'm sure you'll develope a personality for her eventually. :3
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I adore her in that white wig - but I'm a sucker for white-haired girls XD Maybe, if you feel she's sort of aloof and ghost-like, try working on that as her personality? A ghost Pullip, maybe a "stuck up" one, hee hee? Sort of a loner? She is a lovely girl and she should definitely steal that white fig permanently! XD
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i know what you mean with the ghost thingie,ive had that with shinku that is also because she already has somekind of a character in the anime,but now ive changed her clothes more often and her and shes getting a obitsu and shes just getting more and more a personality,i also believe that pullips get more personality when they have a obitsu,maybe you should try out some different styles of clothing and everything and then maybe youll think at some point : yes! this is her!! this is the girl i wanted^^
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