Pullips with short hair.
I want to see your Pullips with short hair. No Dals. Just Pullips.
How short??? I have my Rida i just got though im getting her a longer wig soon picxs in my flickrgrin

My GirlsUdatedpullips2
Here is my Kinsley she has a longer wig now, but looked so cute in this bob!
[Image: ImportedPhotos00017.jpg]
And here is Evan Rose, she is a girly topmboy!
[Image: ImportedPhotos00020.jpg]
heres my Annabelle with a cut Hello Kitty wig - i think it looks quite good on her XD

[Image: 103_3974.jpg]
I got a Naomi. >.<
Woah, I'm in teh wrong topic!!
[Image: 3551395451_9a393b69c3_m.jpg] [Image: 4879236367_e1bcebca9e_m.jpg] [Image: 4888979236_233e25cf3d_m.jpg] [Image: 3438596712_4d48bc9d92_m.jpg] [Image: 3438593286_bbb6dcc2a3_m.jpg] [Image: 3800485287_8bd1f6ecfe_m.jpg] [Image: 3746031573_cdc80f0091_m.jpg] [Image: 3135778498_e83cd39491_m.jpg]
This is my Cheeva. I adore her wig <3

Sorry it's so out of focus, my camera is a PITA -.-

Skirt and Wig

Not my favourite picture of her (winter = bad lighting) but here she is again <3

[Image: siggy.jpg]
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Here's my girl Arte in a blonde bob I randomly got in a trade. Nicest wig ever. smile

[Image: DSC00428.jpg]
[Image: dolldolls.jpg]
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oh i forgot about these girls...

[Image: 102_1633.jpg][Image: 102_1638.jpg][Image: 102_1655.jpg]

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