Arkham: Criminally Insane or Criminally Cute? (Neo Noir)
Arkham's character has started to form over the past few days we've been together. Tomorrow marks a week since we met, so I wanted to give her a proper introduction!

[Image: arkhamintro-1.jpg]
Arkham: Hello! As a proper lady, I felt it necessary that I introduce myself.

[Image: arkhaminto-2.jpg]
My name… is Arkham. Some of you may have seen me romping about in a beautiful black dress with a charming mask. That ensemble is very me, but so impractical!

[Image: arhkamintro-3.jpg]
I have found a new hobby in dressing up in commoner clothing. It allows me to blend into those ordinary fellows around me…

[Image: arkhamintro-4.jpg]
...and I dare say I look quite cute in them as well! Aren’t these heels divine?

[Image: arhkahmintro-5.jpg]
I am used to the drab colors of my kingdom and my laboratory, but these cheery clothes deserve a bit more life, don’t you think?

[Image: arkhamintro-6.jpg]
Much better! There is no better decorator than Mother Nature!

[Image: arkhamintro-7.jpg]
Now that we have been introduced and the décor matches the occasion, I feel I must impart you with a secret. I’ve heard tell that there is an asylum for the criminally insane that shares my name.

[Image: arkhamintro-8.jpg]
I wonder why that would be. LOL
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(LOL!) (Soo true. I like the new ensemble...I replied to you in my topic, Oooookay...)
I love Neo Noir, she is gorgeous Heart 2
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Very cute smile

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ah cute, I love her. Love the red shoes too! I just ordered some of those <3

Those shoes are indeed divine! She is so pretty!
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I love her personality and her outift is just lovely ^^

Red shoes are always definitely a plus XD
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