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What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
+2 as a great buyer.

She purchased two cards on separate occasions and paid immediately for them. Unfortunately, one of the cards that I sent was never received. I have since refunded her, but since she did everything a buyer should on both counts. Thank you so much, and I am sorry for the lost Richt card!

I still hope it shows up...

10/9/10 UPDATE: I was told that the wayward Richt card has arrived. Yay! I guess Hawaii's post offices work in mysterious ways.
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+1 as a buyer! Quick payment and excellent communication! Very friendly to deal with! smile
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+1 buyer~

Paid quickly and kept in great contact, thanks so much~! <33
+1 buyer: Timely and prompt payment on layaway as promised. Proactive and responsive. Thank you so much!
+1 Swap
Cmair participated in the 2010 Secret Santa Swap (KiraKira's).
She shipped on time, and the gift was hand-made and well wrapped!
Definitely recommend for swaps! smile
+1 as a buyer!

She was really patient with me, especially when I couldn't find one of the lids she bought. ;; We worked out a refund, and I ended up selling her just a scalp. I would definitely recommend her as a buyer, thank you so much!
+2 as a seller for two pairs of eyechips. Thanks so much! Great price and shipped really fast!
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+1 as a buyer! She bought a body on me as a replacement for one of her guy's bodies. She paid quickly and with great communication smile
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+1 as a buyer. She bought Winter Purezza's stock, card, box, and stand from me. Great communication and prompt payment. Thanks so much.
+1 for a great sale

sold me Nos's eyechips for a great price - a pleasure doing business with yay
+1 as a buyer. Sent her payment in a timely manner and was very nice to deal with. Thanks!
+1 as a buyer

cmair1202 bought 2 Pullip outfits from me and we had a very smooth transaction with great communication. Thanks!
+1 as a buyer

Great person to sell to! Cmair1202 responded to messages quickly and paid promptly. Thanks! Happy

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