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PrettyPullip's Feedback
I'm rather new in collecting dolls, so I have very few feedback.

I'm a member of Pullip Fiction (PrettyPullip, formerly LaLiza) and Pullip Style (LaLiza), but I haven't bought/traded/sold anything there yet.

I only have Ebay so far (LaLiza):

Positive: 13
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0


+1 for a nice seller. Bought a dress from her and she even included a little gift. How sweet of her.
Thank you very much^^

Its was nice meeting you and hope we could have a dolly meet soon. ^^
+1 as a pretty nice seller. Wonderful transaction. And thanks again for the lovely gift.
Hope to deal with you again.
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+1 as a buyer, great communication and fast payment, thanks!
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+1 for a great sale

sold her a type 4 eyemech when she needed one so i was able to buy my type 3 eyemech when i was in need of one - lol - fast payment - a pleasure doing business with yay
+1 seller~

Bought Clair's stock outfit~ It was shipped out the day I paid for it and it arrived a lot sooner than I expected. Thanks so much~! <33
+1 seller
Excellent seller, perfect transation, she is very nice. Thanks a million for my lovely blanche and the gift. Highly recommended!! grin
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+1 for another great sale

sold her a Moxie Teenz - paid quickly and again a pleasure to do business with yay
+1 as a seller.

I bought a rewigged Sabrina from her, she was shipped almost instantly and packed up nice and safe for her journey. Came in an adorable little bonus dress. Could not be happier with her, would not hesitate to do business with again.
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+1 as a seller

Bought rewigged ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL Dita. One of the best transactions I've ever had - I am so pleased with everything! Liz is such a pleasure to deal with and incredibly sweet and helpful. Dita was shipped quickly and securely, and she traveled in style in a super-cute outfit Liz made for her. smile I hope to do business with you again!! Thank you so much!!
+1 as an absolutely fantastic seller. Really went above and beyond what she needed to do, I would definitely buy again.
+1 for being the nicest seller I've transacted with.
Easy to talk to, Very kind indeed, Packed the items really well, and she even included a cute lil present!
Thank you, Liz! Till next time wink
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+1 as a seller. Communication went smoothly, and the items were packaged well with extra care taken to keep the eye chips safe. Thank you very much for the items smile
+1 as a awesome seller i just adore the candy bandsgrin Thanks heaps;D
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+1 as an awesome, super-sweet and patient seller! =D
I have received my Dita today! yay She's perfect, was very well packaged, and I loved the little gifts you put together! I'm just so, soooo happy!
Definitely, if you buy from her, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you a lot for being so patient to me.
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