Ciel and Akane go to Brisbane
So, I've been slacking on the picfics AGAIN (Okay no excuses, I'm lazy.) and I got back from my longlonglong drive from Brisbane back to my hometown in Townsville (Its about 800 miles).
I took Ciel and Akane with me for the trip, and then had the displeasure of trying to take pictures in the car, we didn't stop much except for gas and food so no out of car pictures cept for one or two. I promise I'll do more picfics soon!
Also, I got a new job, I'm now an employee at Toys 'R' Us! (I blame pullips, i'm plotting to somehow get them into my store...somehow)

Akane: So we're on the road Ciel, how are you liking it?
Ciel: This is horrible, Sebastian isn't here, I want tea and I was stuffed in a bag for 2 hours!
[Image: akanecieltrip1.jpg]

Akane: Could be worse, you could still be in that bag, and be here with Chanti...
[Image: akanecieltrip2.jpg]

Ciel: Urgh that frilly little never shuts up thing. I'd still have tea if she were here though.
[Image: akanecieltrip3.jpg]

Akane: Oh stop whining! The sites are so pretty outside come have a look!
[Image: akanecieltrip4.jpg]

Akane: There's a beautiful sunset happening RIGHT now, cmon Ciel!
[Image: akanecieltrip5.jpg]

Ciel: No, I want Sebastian here so I can have black forest cake and tea.
[Image: akanecieltrip6.jpg]

Akane: Goddamn brat...ahem anyway.
[Image: akanecieltrip7.jpg]

Akane: You must be tired, come rest in my lap.
Ciel: ...
[Image: akanecieltrip8.jpg]

Ciel: ...really?
[Image: akanecieltrip9.jpg]

[Image: akanecieltrip10.jpg]
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lol at the "fml"(which I only very recently learned the meaning of!) hehehe that was unexpected XD

I don't know what fml means!!! *blush*

awesome! Loved it smile Love Ciel's requirement for constant cups of tea <3

welll... "ml" stands for "my life"

I'll leave the rest up to your imagination haha grin
ah! lol, thanks for that!

Lol, this was so cute XD Akane is awesome! Congrats at your new job, now, you will be able to buy even more pullips/dals/taeyangs!

[Image: 4411431791_d1aa67b3b7_o.png]

LOL, this is adorably funny. xD; Definitely a great way to stay entertained during long road trips. Hehe.
hehe that was cute!
That was cute smile
That was funny. And what was even more funny was I didn't realize until halfway through that the stripes in the background weren't part of their travel bag. You shot the whole thing with them leaned against your leg! I did a double take and thought "wait, there's a foot... and I have those socks. That's not a bag at all!" Tongue
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LOL that was great !

How does your family cope with the temperatures up there? Here in Sydney it get so hot & humid it almost kills me and I know it's hotter and for much longer up there. My dolls are yet to experience a Sydney summer, it's coming up fast now though. I hope they cope better than I do straight
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