Something smells good?
Thrift store sale today meant that I found a fabulous kitchen unit for my dolls for only 50p! XD It's perfect for Zelare, my Pullip/Tae hybrid with a part time job as a chef...he loves home baking too though, so he immediatly set about aqainting himself with everything.

[Image: S6304126.jpg]

[Image: S6304122.jpg]

[Image: S6304127.jpg]
That looks so cool! I never got to any carboot sales this summer (Charity shops round here are cr*p for toys), I really should try & go to one before they stop completely! There's a huge one right by me too, so no excuses really! (Other than a strong objection to getting up early on a Sunday morning).

XD Haha! I didn't make the carboot sale here this year either, I was working hard over the summer and now it's finished! The chartity shops are hit and miss - last week I found nothing, this week I found that unit, a barbie school set, a few bratz clothes and a Liv doll!! Not all in the same shop, across three or four, but exactly the same ones as I went in last week. It's crazy!
Aww what a great find! He looks so happy to!

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