Playing dress-up... *pic heavy*
Felix is a bit miffed that I've not been paying much attention to her lately,

Felix: *interupts* Well you HAVN'T.
Me: I've been working!
Felix: And yet none of your money has gone into finishing my bedroom...

and that I've yet to finish her room after 5 months in progress, so when she wanted to try on nearly every outfit she owns I couldn't really say no.

The classic Felix:
[Image: DSC00152.jpg]

Felix: Eek, I look like a slob, but this is probably my favourite outfit.

Getting the legs out...
[Image: DSC00153.jpg]

Felix: Well why wouldn't I? You can't go wrong with stripey socks!

[Image: DSC00155.jpg]

Felix: *sigh* I miss the summer already...

[Image: DSC00159.jpg]

Felix: ...especially since I never got a chance to wear this. It's probably the only dress I'll make an expection for and wear in public.

[Image: DSC00160.jpg]

Felix: Didn't you hear what I just said?
Me: *teehee* Come on, Fi, take the jacket off.

[Image: DSC00161.jpg]

Felix: No. I look stupid.
Me: You look lovely, stop complaining. This dress-up was your idea anyway.
Felix: Fine, but...

[Image: DSC00162.jpg]

Felix: ...only if I can wear my boots with it!
Me: Doc Martens and an evening dress? Well if you insist.

[Image: DSC00163.jpg]

Felix: Ah, much better!

[Image: DSC00165.jpg]

Felix: *hair flick* If only there was a handsome TAE around now...
Me: You're really unsubtle you know.
Felix: Well I have to be or else you'll never buy Rayne, and I need him in my life! *melodramatic*
Me: I'm working on it! >.<
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She looks so pretty in that third outfit!

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Thanks! grin That purple skirt is one of my favourites too.
Check out my Etsy shop!

Home: Peach (Xiao Fan) Remy (Custom boy Dal) Jools (Custom Dal) Nari (Resinsoul Mei) Mouse (Mini Dal Hatter).
love the evening dress & Doc Martins! lol.

Hehe, what a cutie. 8D
haha i love her style!
[Image: f4iwk8.pngp]
thx to JennyCupcakes
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I love her personality! You've done a great job capturing it- she's so cute!
She is adorable!! All these photos make me want one so badly grin
You have some nice clothes for her! The red/purple bohemian outfit and the flower-sprig dress are my favorites.
hehe that was cute! She is such an awesome girl!
she is wonderful smile Her personality really shines ! My favourite outfit is the red and purple too.
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