The perfect shoes for the perfect outfit
I've been a little cranky lately, and playing with dolls always makes me feel better~ Maybe I should more often :3

[Image: dscf1016a.jpg]
Ichigo: Hmm... what bracelets should I wear?

[Image: dscf1014q.jpg]
Ichigo: Blue for the skirt, or purple for the socks? Maybe both?

[Image: dscf1030e.jpg]
Tez: Allright Ichigo, I got it for you.
Ichigo: Oh Tez! You got one!

[Image: dscf1036m.jpg]
Ichigo: OMG, I can't believe it! Is it real?

[Image: dscf1044i.jpg]
Tez: You better like it, it wasn't easy to get!

[Image: dscf1050m.jpg]
Ichigo" Ohhh... OH! OMG!! It's real! Oh oh!
Tez: I hope you like that one, it was the only one they had in stock.

[Image: dscf1063f.jpg]
Ichigo: Oh I love it! It's so perfect!
Tez: Good.
Ichigo: Oh I'm gonna try it on right now!

[Image: dscf1077.jpg]
Ichigo: How's it look?
Tez: Cute, it suits you.

[Image: dscf1079a.jpg]
Ichigo: It fits perfect!

[Image: dscf1088u.jpg]
Ichigo: Umm... except the shoes... Couldn't you get these in my size?
Tez: Nope, just like the outfit, it was 'one size fits all'.

[Image: dscf1092m.jpg]
Ichigo: Should I just wear it like this?
Tez: *giggles* You look like a little girl in her mother's shoes!
Ichigo: Fine! I'll go find a different pair! I have lots of flashy shoes!

[Image: dscf1096t.jpg]
Ichigo: Here we go! I have a couple different pairs!
Tez: Wow... now THOSE are hooker shoes!

[Image: dscf1104x.jpg]
Ichigo: Come on, they're cute!

[Image: dscf1111w.jpg]
Ichigo: How about these? I like them!
Tez: Nah, there's no pink in the outfit, it doesn't match at all!
Ichigo: Really? I thought it'd go with the leggings ok...

[Image: dscf1127.jpg]
Ichigo: How about these? They match the dress better.
Tez: No, not those either, they're too blue.
Ichigo: Grr... Fine!

[Image: dscf1123t.jpg]
Ichigo: These then! They're more green like the dress and they're even sparkly!
Tez: I don't know... They're not really green enough. Don't you have gold heels like the outfit came with? They matched the pants better.

[Image: dscf1133z.jpg]
Ichigo: You're right! It needs gold shoes to go with the gold pants!

[Image: dscf1135l.jpg]
Tez: You have a pair then?
Ichigo: Nope!
Tez: Wha?

[Image: dscf1156o.jpg]
Ichigo: The pants just need to go!
Tez: Wha?? Ichigo!
Ichigo: The shoes will match better without them!

[Image: dscf1169k.jpg]
Ichigo: There! Perfect shoes and perfect outfit!
Tez: You look like a skank without the pants...
Ichigo: Great!
Tez: That wasn't a compliment.

Ok, there was no real moral to this story, just fluff and randomness. I saw one of the Monster High dolls on sale at Target the other day and couldn't resist picking it up~ I haven't seen one on the shelf in over a month! This outfit actually fits Icigho really well, I was sort of surprised since other pictures I'd seen they looked too small.

One last random pic of Ichigo, trying to be sexy~

[Image: dscf1177n.jpg]

Wow, your whole spread is just gorgeous! Photography, dolls, the very detailed room, posing -- all are just WOW! yay

I like the way Tez speaks so candidly -- haven't heard the word "skank" since I left Brooklyn --LMAO! LOL

Great job here!
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haha! That was funny, I enjoyed that. I love how you've posed Tez up on that bunk, however did you get her to balance??

hehe That was so much fun to read and i see what you mean about little Ichigo now lol
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Thanks so much~ I had a lot of fun putting it together~

Tez is surprisingly balanced. She sat up there pretty well up there on her own.
that was great! I loved your room and those bunk beds are awesome!
Thanks~ I really like the beds too!

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