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Lovely Miss Meena!
Finally, I was able to get some /half/ decent pictures of Meena. My Dad let me borrow his camera, and I took these pictures as a "preliminary" for tomorrow's photo shoot in the park. smile

She is a Pullip Chelsea, who has been re-wigged, Obitsu'd, and cutesy-fied with a double layer of eyelashes. I'm still working on her wardrobe and shoe collection - haha. Perhaps in the future I'll get her a face-up; but I love her face as it is. ♥

[Image: 5178076836_dbda7c13eb.jpg]

[Image: 5177472609_b1136c2351.jpg]

[Image: 5178076420_23239bf99e.jpg]

More pictures of Meena on my Flickr:

Enjoy, and thanks! :3
She's very pretty, I love her little poodle toy <3 Looking forward to seeing the next lot of pics!

(11-15-2010, 09:16 PM)Lilcurly Wrote: She's very pretty, I love her little poodle toy <3 Looking forward to seeing the next lot of pics!
Hehe, thanks! I found the little cutie at the place where I shop for most of Meena's clothes. I think it was actually a Christmas ornament, but I turned it into a plush. wink Meena loves pink stuff! I actually had her in this burgundy sweat suit; and for some reason she just seemed POUTY about wearing it. Once I got her into a pink-themed outfit; she seemed so much happier. Haha.

She's beautiful, what kind of wig do you have her in? I love it smile
[Image: PullipSaleSig.jpg]
I can't remember! I bought it off someone here on the forums, haha.
Thank you for the compliment. smile
Aww Star you have done such a great job with her she is sooo prettygrin
My GirlsUdatedpullips2
Weee, thanks Lara! grin She's my spoiled little pink-addicted munchkin. I'm working on her profile, so hopefully I'll have that posted up soon too. I didn't get a chance to go to the park today, but I'm planning on going tomorrow after class. smile
Aww shes cute! smile
Meena is very pretty! I have to say I love the blonde wig! It suits her well!
Thanks so much! She was definitely meant to be a blond. grin
Meena is so cute! Aww
She's gorgeous! The blonde wig suit her much better than her original one! It really brings out her sweet face!
Thanks so much! I need to take some pictures of her new wintery outfit. smile
Wow! I love her eyes...very beautiful!
[Image: swagbucks-173x63Alt4.jpg]
Awww she is lovely and adorable, I like her outfit. ;D
Mi Flickr ♥
Isul Mao
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