Today's photoshoot with my girls...*very pic heavy*
We actually had some decent weather today!! :O lol, So I decided to grab some pics of my 4 girls smile I still haven't got the lighting ideal, but my camera is pap...which doesn't help! Onto the pics....

Pru, the newest addition to my Pullip family...

[Image: Photo0244.jpg]
[Image: Photo0263.jpg]
[Image: Photo0264.jpg]
Such a gorgeous face <3 she needs a new wig though - her stock wig is bleurgh.


[Image: Photo0255.jpg]
[Image: Photo0253.jpg]
[Image: Photo0251.jpg]

Polly, in her new wig, which I might or might not keep on her...

[Image: Photo0235.jpg]
[Image: Photo0259.jpg]
[Image: Photo0293.jpg]

& my Gorgeous Erin, I adore this girl...

[Image: Photo0287.jpg]
[Image: Photo0290.jpg]
[Image: Photo0292.jpg]

Polly was not impressed about being photographed with Pru...

[Image: Photo0273.jpg]
[Image: Photo0274.jpg]

Then Meg got bored waiting & decided she should be in the pics too...

[Image: Photo0278.jpg]
[Image: Photo0280.jpg]

Erin thinks Meg is being a pain in the arse...

[Image: Photo0281.jpg]

My Crew...

[Image: Photo0282.jpg]
[Image: Photo0283.jpg]

Hope you enjoyed the pic spam smile

I always enjoy pics of Erin <3 she's just gorgeous!
hehe, thanks! smile

EEK i just love your family the way they all have there very own different personalitysgrin And you have such a great waldrobe for them Erin steals my heart everytime i see her i love that she is the sensible mother hen of the groupgrin
My GirlsUdatedpullips2
Thankyou! smile Their wardrobe is increasing rapidly! I spend more on clothes for them than for myself nowadays!

you have one of my favourite pullip families smile I adore Meg, her colouring, freckles, clothes & 'tude wink All 4 girls have such strong personalities that you bring out in every photo. Even Pru, already - the shy modest beauty who will end up winning Princess Polly over??
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
aww thank you smile Polly is pretty stubborn....there is something that's going to happen to her in the distant future that will completely change her attitude....but it's way way in the future! lol, so we'll have to see how things go with her & Pru for now. Pru being the lovely girl that she is though, she will try & win Polly over, I haven't decided whether she'll succeed just yet or not, but she will try.

Ohh, how lovely! Erin is probably my favorite - she's gorgeous!
They are all so cute, but I love megs style the best, so cool!
Thanks both! smile

Great photos! Your girls are gorgeous, especially Erin. I love Erin's bracelets! Where did you get them from? Or did you make them?
Thankyou! smile I made Erin's bracelets from some beads I had lying around. I need to get more colours & make her some more.

Meg is really cute smile
Lil Curly smile Can i ask you something i just got a Fanatica but her wig is pretty awful lol i remember you mentioned thats what Erins wig is can you tell me how did you wash it pleasesmile
My GirlsUdatedpullips2
You could make her bracelets to go with each outfit :-) It's a good idea. I think I'm going to try! What did you put the beads on, some sort of elastic?

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