Pic testing
Rya got a package in the mail, so I figured it was the perfect time to do my first picfic!

[Image: 15066070.jpg]
Me: Rya, look what came for you today!
Rya: Ooooo! I wonder what it is!

[Image: 81488027.jpg]
Me: Well, open it silleh!
Rya: What do you think I'm trying to do!? -makes straining sounds trying to rip it open-

[Image: 42622713.jpg]
Rya: Um.... Can you open this for me, please?
Me: Sure, Rya. -chuckles softly-

[Image: 15237460.jpg]
Rya: -gasps- OMG! It's clothes!

[Image: 05alb.jpg]
Rya: Wait a second here...... What the?!

[Image: 37586390.jpg]
Rya: Are you fricking serious?!
Me: Uuuuh..... >.>

[Image: 94050786.jpg]
Rya: -sulks- Stupid frilly crap.........
Adrion: Hey Rya!
Rya: Hmmph..
Adrion: What's wrong hun?

[Image: 46514037.jpg]
Rya: I got a package and it's all frilly clothes!
Adrion: Aww, these are cute though..

[Image: 28255037.jpg]
Adrion: I'm sure you'd look great in this baby.
Rya: No, I won't...

[Image: 69443726.jpg]
Adrion: -hugs- Why not give it a try? For me?
Rya: Oh fine.

[Image: 86006673.jpg]
Adrion: I love you, RyRy.
Rya: -huggles back- I love you too.

[Image: 71423549.jpg]
Rya: -shyly walks back in after changing, blushing- Um... Well?
Adrion: -speechless-

[Image: 12akz.jpg]
Rya: -stares at floor- T-that bad?
Adrion: No! You're stunning!

[Image: 74559124.jpg]
Rya: Really?
Adrion: Absolutely!

[Image: 13anq.jpg]
Adrion: -lifts chin- It suits you babe.
Rya: -blushes- Thank you..

[Image: 40893137.jpg]
Adrion: -dips her- No, thank you for trusting me
Rya: -squeaks- I.. uh...

[Image: 14al.jpg]
Adrion: I love you. -smooch-

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