2010 Secret Santa Swap Pictures! (VERY IMAGE HEAVY!)
So cool seeing everyones stuff! smile
(12-19-2010, 07:34 PM)misakimodel Wrote: Koto [KiraKira] & [Thylaylii], my girl Raven would LOVE to make friends with you both. She saw the photos of your girls you posted, and pestered me until I promised to comment.
If you have flicker, would love to add you both.

Hi of course no problem, Paise is always looking for new friends :] My name is the same on flickr, or you can PM if you like ^^
Wow, everyone got such great stuff! Happy belated holidays you guys yay
[Image: dollbbc.php?sex=girl&back=0000&friendsu=...ch=u_a1_77][Image: dollbbc.php?sex=girl&back=0000&friendsu=...&acch=0000][Image: dollbbc.php?sex=boy&back=0000&friendsu=0...&acch=0000][Image: dollbbc.php?sex=boy&back=0000&friendsu=0...&acch=0000][Image: dollbbc.php?sex=boy&back=0000&friendsu=0...&acch=0000]
My Secret Santa was HeartStaria!!Heart

I've taken lots of haphazard photos in the hopes that I'll be able to thatch together a pic-fic out of them XD Stay tuned!!
(12-28-2010, 03:06 PM)NectarineFire Wrote: My Secret Santa was HeartStaria!!Heart

I've taken lots of haphazard photos in the hopes that I'll be able to thatch together a pic-fic out of them XD Stay tuned!!

HOORAY! I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

Lo. For many days and many nights a mysterious box lay untouched upon the desk of NectarineFire.

Until one fateful day on the eve of St. Nic's...
Rovam: Argh! Wot moight this be?

Rovam: "Seeekrit Saanta Swop??"

Rovam: BOOTY!!

*Heave* *Grunt*
Rovam: Heigh ho! Heigh ho! Plunder and Pillage-i-o!!


Fei: ...When the Elephants Fight... it is the Grass that Suffers...
Eh? What have we hear? You look like you could use some assistance?
Rovam: No fank you! Noffin of interest 'ere to nobuddy. Uh, so long farewell it's toym t'say g'bye an' all that!

Fei: Nonsense! It would be no trouble at all! All it takes is one of my Super-Duper Lightning-Strike-Mongoose-Foot-Style-chop-chippidy-chop-kicks! HEEEEEEEEYYAAAAAAAAH!

Fei: uhhhhh
Rovam: Oiv hit the JackPot Oi 'ave!!
Moon: What's all the commotion??

*sSsSpArKly SoUnDsSs* *0*
(Off stage): Paja: My dragon senses are tingling! Gleee! That can only mean one thing- treasure!!

Rovam: Argh! Not the overstuffed lizard! As you can see that makes four o' us and NO WAY ta divvy up the booty equally a-tween us see? Thus, I 'umbly propose that I should take it ALL. Fer the good o' the group.

Moon: Oh come on Rovie, where's your holiday spirit? Besides, the card says it's for NectarineFire's dolly FAM...
Fei: Ladies, I would never squabble over a gift if that should mean one of you must go without...
Paja: My, my what a gentleman! I wouldn't mind sharing with you Fei :3

Moon: And I don't mind taking the smallest gift of them all. What do you say Rovie?
Rovam: Whatever. Let's just divvy up this booty before more o' you landlubbers decide to join the party and stake a claim! This expensive looking silver box is MINE! All mine!
Fei: Perhaps since Paja and I are sharing, it is appropriate that the largest box go to us..
Paja: Ooo... How deftly you unwrap that box Fei! Tee hee!

Rovam: Deftly you say?? NObuddy tears thru the wrappin' faster'n Rovam! Check my booty and weep! Food to satisfy the appetite of a hearty pirate like me! I'm gonna stuff my face!

Moon: *Gasp* I GOT SHOES!!! I love them!! I couldn't have asked for a better gift! My stock catsuit never come with proper shoes you know yay

Moon: OMG and they FIT!! GLEEEEEEE!! I just can't get over how perfect and cute they are!

Fei: And for me, a traditional meal like the kind my mother used to make! How heart-warming. This is what Christmas is all about- tradition.

Paja: Ooh and I got this amazing Asian set with three difference Japanese delicacies, perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones! Now that's what Christmas is all about Heart

Fei, Paja and Moon: A big warm grateful thank you to our Secret Santa, STARIA who made this all possible, and to Papermoonpixie as well, who gave us late-comers a second chance!
Moon: Hey where's Rovam? Oh Roviiiiiee... Any parting words?

Rovam: *UrrRrrRrrPp* zZzZzZzzZ


OMGGGGG I LOVED THAT PICFIC. The ending made me giggle!!
I'm so glad your dolly family enjoyed their Christmas gifts, dear!! grinD
i loved it too - so much fun - and i love the fact that you have a namu! - not many of us have one - well besides me who has 5 and is still hunting for the HB sets - but i love your family
*dies laughing*
OH that was priceless, NectarineFire LOL
That's too funny! LOL I'm glad they were all happy in the end! My favorite part is when Fei kicks the box and all the "booty" falls out, I laughed out loud!
Just received my swap giftie today and Mushroom is utterly delighted ( eventhough her melancholic face doesnt show it XD )

1[Image: mushroomsgifties.jpg]___________________________2 [Image: mushroomgifties2.jpg]

What a lot of cute stuff! I love the Dal-scale doll!
Mushroom received some super cute stuff! Gummybear forks look adorable XD
I can't wait to see pics from my recipient x3
Thanks a million Love4dolls we both love the gift. I hope you enjoy with the pics. ;D

Lovely gifts from Love4dolls
Mi Flickr ♥
Isul Mao
Latte outfit, Shan-ria outfit, 2xObitsu 27cm - 1x obitsu25cm -
OMG talk about spoilt lol here is us opening the secret santa giftsmile


Wow look at the awesome box :O there are some presents in heregrin


Hmm i wonder what it could be


WOW so much stuff and a kitty ive always wanted a kittygrin


Thank you sooo much Thylayli the pressies are awesomegrin

I cant stop eating the strawberry laces hehe
We were spoit rotton i got a awesome paper crane and believe or not but there was a tiny pullip sized one too oh and a pullip sized cardgrin We got stickers, little adorable bands shaped like hearts and stars etc, two new awesome hoodies which She is wearing hehe really cute little hair clips which again she threw out her borrowing yellow one and put in a pink one lol ohhh and a KITTYgrin
Thanks again
Giant hugz from usgrin
My GirlsUdatedpullips2

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