My little one's <3
I though posting some pic of my little one's, hope you like them Happy

[Image: Maalis-Huhti10071.jpg]
My beautiful couple

[Image: Maalis-Huhti10008.jpg]
My first dal

[Image: Maalis-Huhti10036.jpg]
Moko looking cute ^^

[Image: Maalis-Huhti10015.jpg]
Pinpin, my innocent little girl

[Image: Maalis-Huhti10025.jpg]
My little demon girl, my sister custom her

[Image: Maalis-Huhti10013.jpg]
And always happy girlie

Theres no all of my dolls, I put some more when I take more pictures LOL
They're gorgeous! loving your couple, very sweet <3

Beautiful dolls smile
[Image: PullipSaleSig.jpg]
Thank you both <3

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