For Christmas I got a Prunella! She is named Eclair. I got her second hand on dolly market from Audacia. I see her as being very sweet and innocent, and perhaps a bit naive. She is in an Adsiltia wig, because the wig I ordered for her (the stock wig) hasn't gotten here yet, and it was the only one I had. Sorry for the bad quality pics, I had to take them with my new cell phone because my camera is broken. sad

[Image: 2010-12-25124027.jpg]

[Image: 2010-12-25121138.jpg]

[Image: 2010-12-25124109.jpg]

[Image: 2010-12-25125044.jpg]

[Image: 2010-12-25231737.jpg]

[Image: 2010-12-25231748.jpg]

[Image: 2010-12-25231823.jpg]

[Image: 2010-12-25232048.jpg]

[Image: 2010-12-25232141.jpg]

[Image: 2010-12-25232221.jpg]

Congrats! She is one of my favorite pullips. Her makeup is just sooooo pretty!
Gotta love Prunella!! Congrats smile She's one of my favourites too <33

Thanks guys! I agree, I love Prunellas faceup a ton!
Oh, I agree. Her face-up is very pretty, and I think it compliments Adsiltia's wig very nicely. Congrats on getting her!
[Image: g9ZK.png] [Image: g90Q.png] [Image: g90E.png]
Thanks! smile
I think Prunella's the next purchase on my list. She's just so pretty *o*
Yeah, I agree!
very cute! Congrats! I love that curly wig =3
Congrats! Prus are so beautiful! I just love mine!
Thanks everyone!
Im glad to see she is doing well in her new home smile
She looks awesome in that wig!!
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