A lovely coat for a lovely lady (and not so lovely weather)
i took Micha (kirsche, SBH white, coolcat eyechips) outside (the balcony) with her new raincoat i madewink

here she is sitting on my balcony and obviously not amused...
me: whats up hun?
micha: its cold, its raining and i want tea!
me: i thought tea was shinku her thing?
micha: uh...yeah but since sebastian is MY boyfriend he can only bring it to ME!
i think i missed something going on between those two >.>
me: but arent you happy i made you a raincoat?
micha: yes....its sloppy work....but its nice of you i guess....
micha: ok ive had it! i want to go inside NOW!!!
me: ok, ok...we'll take pictures when its a little warmer then...
and so the poor butler brings the spoiled princess what she wants...
me: spoiled brat...
micha: what did you say?
me: nothing!
micha: sebastian! deal with her!!!!
Sebby: Yes, my lady....
me: tt but but...sebby...i worked hard to get you!!!

sorry for the crappy pics! i had a low battery and bad lighting...and i know..i shouldve taken more pic's of her on the balcony but i was afraid she might fall off O.o
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She is cute!!!

Love the pic of him rubbing her feet!
Hee, cute and cute story too x3
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Dunneh. Get yours at bighugelabs.com
aww! i love the last pic, very cwl <3

Very cute! I love it! yay

Micha is such a little brat, though, insulting your nice raincoat! Irritated

I would have been so scared taking my dolls out on a balcony Sweatdrop...you are brave!

Nice work!

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