It's been a long time...(plus help me choose a name?)
...but I havn't forgotten about my dolls! XD Finally got round to taking more pictures of them, just a few quick shots.

Rebecca and Larry
[Image: S6304435.jpg] [Image: S6304424.jpg]
[Image: S6304428.jpg]

[Image: S6304422.jpg]

[Image: S6304416.jpg]

[Image: S6304419.jpg]

Plus, I am not happy with my Kaela, I am trying to come up with a new name for her - any suggestions? smile What does she look like to you..?
[Image: S6304440.jpg] [Image: S6304438.jpg]
[Image: S6304447.jpg]
She looks like a lemiere to me:-) Lovely pics of your family!
I looove Zelare, i really like him ^^
in your signature you say that he's a custom boy but which model was him before? because i want some taes now and i like the ones that have just a little (almost nothing) make up ^^

Kisses girl and we both have or fingers crossed for some good news ^^
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lemiere! What a lovely name! smile

Lila_Meily - Awww, thank you! yay He is lovely isn't he? Before being customised he was a Filato, he was customised by Myufish, I basically just asked her to make him look as feminine as possible but without heavy makeup, so he has some around the eyes and his lips are glossed, but he is light on colour and stuff.

You should for sure get some Taes, they are handsome boys...I only have Zelare, Arion (he is lovely too!) and AK (he is heavy around the eyes). <3

Yes I hold out some hope your doll will yet arrive! sad
I like Rebecca for her. ;D
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Haha, I already have a Rebecca though! XD
Berryn - the goddess of halflings smile When I saw her cute little horns that jumped into my mind !

You have a very lovely family. I love your Kaela's eyes.
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I like the name Berryn too for her. x3 But when I saw her, I thought M... something. Mixie, or Millie or Moxie... something like that. Maybe Millicent or Meredith. I hope you are happy with her soon, she is a cutie.

I really like your Larry, that wig is great on him! I have a fur wig like that. Is yours from Blinkeke too? ♥
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