No longer bait! (Pullip Custom)
This poor girl had acetone melt spots on her face and one of the edges of her eyes had a big chip out of it. I reformed the eyewell with milliput and then did a darker face-up to cover it. If you look really really close to the doll's left eye, you can maybe see it. New chips, new face-up and she's back in business! YAY! I have no idea what Pullip head she once was, but I think she was one of the really early ones? I had to widen the neck hole and shave it down on the inside to fit type 3 body that she's on now.

[Image: DollCP04.JPG]

[Image: DollCP03.JPG]

[Image: DollCP02.JPG]

without hat
[Image: DollCP01.JPG]
I love her!!! Great job!!!!
Wow, what an awesome job you did on her!
She's gorgeous--I love what you did to her! smile
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Outstanding work!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
She's wonderful! I love her dark eyebrows grin
gorgeous smile
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She's awesome. Gj Buff ^^

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Really stunning!
Wow it's really good =D
Nice save!
Oh My She's amazing! Heart 2
Very nice work! grin
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Amazing job, she's adorable!
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Woah! She's gorgeous!

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