A bunch of show offs! *pic heavy*
My boys and girls have some clothes (or just wanted a bit of attention!)

[Image: S6304473.jpg]

[Image: S6304471.jpg]

[Image: S6304466.jpg]

[Image: S6304465.jpg]

[Image: S6304459.jpg]

[Image: S6304457.jpg]

[Image: S6304455.jpg]

[Image: S6304452.jpg]
very cool! i love your alte <3

Your Dal's setup made me smile!!! Like a teen in her room. smile And the rainbow eyechips are super cool!
its a lovely family
wow that boys eyes are just hypnotizing *o*
My dal's room was the first 'set' that I build for my dolls, I used one of the boxes you get from build-a-bear factory and painted the inside. I havn't been able to top it since, I really need to try and make some others. ^^

AK's eyes are gold eyechips backed with gold foil. XD
Such cute pics! I love your Dals room as well, so cute!
Chalk me up as another one in love with the Dal's room. I adore the little details like the clock radio and discarded bag of Lays. It makes it so real!

I absolutely love the hat and jacket in the first two pictures.
Thank you. ^^

The jacket is Rida's stock. smile The hat was an OOAK mini top-hat I bought from ebay a few years ago, for a halloween costume...it just happens to be perfect pullip-sized! XD
Ahh, what a lucky eBay find! :3 It really does go well with the rest of the outfit.

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