We Want to Play in the Snow!
Jolie may be an older Dal, but I just recently added her to my Dal tribe. And now I know why I usually see her rewigged, that hair makes her so top heavy, she keeps falling over.

I dressed them for an outdoor/play in the snow shoot a while ago, but the weather just has not cooperated, so I grabbed a few quick pics today indoors. Jackets are from Blythe stock outfits, scarfs and boots courtesy of Barbie.

Jolie & Maxie

Maxie (Monomono): Does she really think she's going to fool us with this white posterboard and plastic table?
Jolie: We've been sitting around in our coats and boots for weeks now.

Jolie & Maxie

Jolie (whispers): What's up with that bear?
Maxie (whispers): I think we're supposed to pose with it.

Jolie & Maxie

Maxie: Don't think this counts as playing outside in the snow! We'll be expecting a real outing soon.
beautiful photos !!! Your dolls are too smart for their own good LOL

(love the bear too Heart)
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