My Girls and boy lol
I havnt posted pics of my collection before i havnt wanted to put them up since all the earthquakes here, but i did i tonight and i just love themgrin my Vert and Rida are waiting for there new bodies and wigs but i cant leave them out hehe
Plus poor cinna doesnt have a stand but once she does i will put her upgrin

">My dolls<img src= " />

My girls and guy


Little Star i tried to tell her the boots dont match the socks but she wouldnt listen lol


My favs but dont tell the others wink

Hope you like my girls grin and guy still getting use to that lol
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wow you got a lovely dolly family ^^ , aww too bad cinna's not in the pic ^^; though her doggy outfit can really make her hard to stand on her own
Haha i know i really wanted her there but im just to scared to put her up with no stand so i will wait she is soo cute grin
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What a nice collection you have there!
(02-12-2011, 07:42 PM)GreyBird1881 Wrote: What a nice collection you have there!

AWW thankyou soo muchsmile

And congratz on your two new babies wink
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Debox that boy!!!!! XD What are you waiting foooor? grin
Pretty collection--and I think that Arion wants to be free so he can socialize with your lovely ladies. smile
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Arion is great, you should debox him! ♥

I love them, your Kira and Bara are really lovely especially.
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Dunneh. Get yours at
Ooh, you have some gorgeous girlies, looking forward to seeing more piccies, & de-boxed pics of your boy smile

HEHE thanks everyone Yes Arion will be Deboxed he has been waiting long enoughTongue
I think he is eyeing up Star hmm what ya reckon lol
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What a lovely collection you have! Your Star is especially cute, I love her wig!
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i agree - you need to debox the boy - and you do have some really cute dolls ^^
What a sweet doll family Heart 2
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thanks everyonesmile
And i know i will take him out tomorrow nightsmile
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