How Many Does it Take?
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Ally: Hey! Why'd you drop your end?
Nessa: It's fricken heavy!
Ally: You're the one who insisted we could hang it our selves!
Nessa: Shutup!

haha, this is the first time I've felt inclined to post a thread up with any of my pictures here. My husband brought home this nifty little lcd screen that would work as a big screen TV for my dolls. And yes, if we hook this up to a computer correctly it really will work as a TV. It's pretty awesome. So I couldn't resist posting this as my husbands told me many horror stories of people trying to hang TV's themselves under the assumption of "It's a flat screen, those things look light!" Trust me when I say a flat screen is every bit as heavy as the old tube TV's of our youth.

Happy Valentines!
That's really awesome you found a working "flat screen" for your dolls! grin And what a cute pic flic! smile
lol! that's cute!

Thats so cool! *_* Dont let your girls become couch potatoes!

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Thanks guys! We're planning to build a casing for it instead of just hanging it on the wall. Does anyone remember the big old wood boxed tube TV's? I love those things as a kid. Anyways, that's what I'm sort of planning for this.

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