The story continues..... (pic heavy)
Momo's Capsule

Momo got a present from her Valentine Swap partner on another forum today. In the package was a little hatching capsule.......

[Image: MomosCapsule1.jpg]
Momo: Hurry! Hurry Momiji!!!
Momiji: Hold on Momo, I'm coming!

[Image: MomosCapsule2.jpg]
Momo: Throw it in! Throw it in! *dances*
Momiji: Ok! Ok!

[Image: MomosCapsule3.jpg]

[Image: MomosCapsule4.jpg]

[Image: MomosCapsule5.jpg]

[Image: MomosCapsule6.jpg]

[Image: MomosCapsule7.jpg]

[Image: MomosCapsule8.jpg]
Momo: It's happening!!!

[Image: MomosCapsule9.jpg]
Momo: What is it? What is it?
Momiji: Hold on it isn't done yet.

[Image: MomosCapsule10.jpg]
Momo: Is it done now???
Momiji: Ummm.... I think so.....

[Image: MomosCapsule11.jpg]
Momo: What is it?
Momiji: ....... I'm not sure......

[Image: MomosCapsule12.jpg]
Momiji: I think it's a Peep.....
Momo: Gimme! Gimme! It's my Peep!

[Image: MomosCapsule13.jpg]
Momo: Thank you True and Humpty Dumpty! I love my Peep!
The Picnic

[Image: Picnic1.jpg]
Mary Weather: La la la de de de dum de dum

[Image: Picnic2.jpg]
Cain: *sigh*

[Image: Picnic3.jpg]
Mary: Hey Cain, tonight can we play a game?

[Image: Picnic4.jpg]
Cain: I'm sorry, Mary. Didn't I tell you? I'm going out tonight.
Mary: Where are you going now?

[Image: Picnic5.jpg]
Cain: Over to Zoey's with Kona.
Mary: Will Sakura be there???

[Image: Picnic6.jpg]
Cain: I suppose she will.
Mary: Can I come pleeeeeeease???
Cain: Not tonight, Mary. It will be late and you need your sleep.

[Image: Picnic7.jpg]
Mary: Grrrrrrrrrrr! That's not fair, Cain! You always go out and leave me behind! I'm not a baby!
Cain: *laugh* I know Princess, you can come next time ok?
Mary: Promise?


[Image: Picnic8.jpg]
Mary: Do you like your sandwich? I made them myself.
Cain: It is wonderful! You are quite the little chef.

[Image: Picnic9.jpg]
Mary: Don't forget, Cain. You promised to take me next time.

[Image: Picnic10.jpg]
Cain: I'm sure you won't let me forget.....


That evening.........
[Image: Picnic11.jpg]
Mary: *sigh* So bored! Why does he always leave me behind?
Momiji: Mary? Are you here?
Mary: Yes Momiji! In here!

[Image: Picnic12.jpg]
Momiji: Hi Mary!
Mary: Sakura! What are you doing here?
Sakura: Momiji.....

[Image: Picnic13.jpg]
Sakura: What ARE we doing here? You said we were going to a party.
Momiji: We are. Right here. We are going to make our own party. Right Mary?

[Image: Picnic14.jpg]
Sakura: I don't want to have a party here!
Mary: *gulp*
Momiji: Sakura, that's not very nice.

[Image: Picnic15.jpg]
Mary: Yes Momiji, I don't want them here either! Why would you bring them? Leave.

[Image: Picnic16.jpg]
Momiji: Mary!
Sakura: Come ON Momiji. Let's go.
Mary: Yes, go.

[Image: Picnic17.jpg]
Momiji: No. We are not going anywhere until you 2 talk.
Sakura: I don't want to talk to her. I am NOT going to talk to her.

[Image: Picnic18.jpg]
Momiji: Yes you are. I hate that you keep fighting and neither of you even know why. Now talk!
Sakura: *glare*
Mary: *blink*

[Image: Picnic19.jpg]
Momiji: Now, take a seat, and talk. It won't hurt. I promise.
Sakura: Grrrrrrrr.....

[Image: Picnic20.jpg]
Sakura: Fine! *stomp stomp stomp*
Mary: *plop*

[Image: Picnic21.jpg]
Momiji: Well? Say something.
Sakura: *glare*

[Image: Picnic22.jpg]
Sakura: What's up with you? Why are you such a little jerk?
Mary: I am not! You are!
Sakura: Me? What did I ever do to you?

[Image: Picnic23.jpg]
Mary: You hate me for no reason! Since I first got here!
Sakura: What are you talking about? You are the one who started acting like a brat the second you got here!
Mary: Because you never even said hi to me that first day. Not once. And you didn't ask me to watch movies with you or anything. You just ignore me!
Sakura: You didn't say hi to us either!

[Image: Picnic24.jpg]
Mary: Well..... I was afraid you wouldn't like me.
Sakura: We didn't even know you! And then you just started being mean to me.
Mary: I'm sorry.......

[Image: Picnic25.jpg]
Sakura: Me too. I guess we should have said hi and invited you to watch the movie with us.
Mary: So....... You don't hate me?
Sakura: Well...... *smile* No, I guess not. Not if you don't hate me.
Mary: *smile*

[Image: Picnic26.jpg]
Momiji: *smile* Why don't you give each other a hug and be friends now?

[Image: Picnic27.jpg]
Mary & Sakura: *hug* Friends? Friends!

[Image: Picnic28.jpg]
Kaori & Sayuri: Us too! *hug*

[Image: Picnic29.jpg]
Momiji: Group hug!!!! *hugs*


[Image: Picnic30.jpg]
Sakura: These cookies are really good!
Sayuri: They are amazing!
Kaori: Yeah! Who made them?
Mary: I did! All by myself!
Momiji: You liar!
Mary: Ok, Momiji helped a little.......
All: *laugh*
Trail Ride

[Image: trailride1.jpg]
Sakura: Come on Keahi. We need to head back to the stables soon.

[Image: trailride2.jpg]
Mary Weather: Sakura!!!

[Image: trailride3.jpg]
Sakura: Mary! Hi!
Mary: Wait up!

[Image: trailride4.jpg]
Sakura: Who's this? I don't recognize her. Where's White Knight?
Mary: This is Isuzu. She's replacing Black Magic at the stables. He's retiring and so I need to check her riding level.

[Image: trailride5.jpg]
Sakura: Oh so she's not yours then.
Mary: Yes she is.

[Image: trailride6.jpg]
Sakura: You let the stable use your horses?
Mary: *blinks* Ummmm..... It's...... My stable.... Well, my brother's but... I thought you knew that.
Sakura: You own the stables???
Mary: Yes.

[Image: trailride7.jpg]
Sakura: You are so lucky!
Mary: Cain lets me have whatever I want.
Sakura: Wow.
Mary: *smile*

[Image: trailride8.jpg]
Sakura: So.... Ummmm..... I've been meaning to ask you........

[Image: trailride9.jpg]
Mary: Ask me what?

[Image: trailride10.jpg]
Sakura: Do you..... Like Momiji?
Mary: Of course! He's my best friend!

[Image: trailride11.jpg]
Sakura: No. I mean..... Do you like him like him?

[Image: trailride12.jpg]
Mary: You mean like......?
Sakura: *nod*
Mary: No! Of course not! That would be weird.

[Image: trailride13.jpg]
Sakura: Oh....Good....Umm so, who do you want the next Tae to be?
Mary: Huh?

[Image: trailride14.jpg]
Sakura: Who do you hope the next TaeYang kaoskat gets will be?
Mary: Why would it matter?

[Image: trailride15.jpg]
Sakura: Don't you have one you think is cute?
Mary: Not really.
Sakura: Don't you want a boyfriend?
Mary: Why do I need a boyfriend? I have Cain.

[Image: trailride16.jpg]
Sakura: Cain is your brother.
Mary: Yes.
Sakura: That's not the same!
Mary: Why not?

[Image: trailride17.jpg]
Sakura: Don't you want a boyfriend to love you and share secrets with and buy you things and treat you like a princess?
Mary: Cain does those things for me.
Sakura: But boyfriends give you kisses and hugs.
Mary: Cain gives me a kiss every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up. And he gives me hugs all the time.

[Image: trailride18.jpg]
Sakura: It's not the same. Ugh! Sometimes you are so 10!
Mary: Well..... Shouldn't I be? I am 10 you know.
Sakura: *laugh* Someday you'll get it. Let's get the horses back. Zoey's expecting me for dinner.
Mary: Yes, and Cain will worry about me.
Hide & Seek

[Image: HideSeek1.jpg]
Zoey: Hey Kona, over here!

[Image: HideSeek2.jpg]
Kona: Hey! This is different. Are we actually alone?
Zoey: Yup! Doesn't happen too often.

[Image: HideSeek3.jpg]
Kona: I have an idea! Let's play hide & seek. It's always fun trying to track you down.
Zoey: Do I have to?

[Image: HideSeek4.jpg]
Kona: Yup! And if I find you I win and I get a kiss as my prize!
Zoey: Fine. I'll play. But when you can't find me, you get no kiss.

[Image: HideSeek5.jpg]
Kona: 1.....2......3......
Zoey: *giggle*

[Image: HideSeek6.jpg]
Kona: 48......49......50......Ready or not here I........Zoey!

[Image: HideSeek7.jpg]
Kona: Zoey, that is not hiding.
Zoey: *giggle*

[Image: HideSeek8.jpg]
Zoey: It totally is! You totally can't see me!
Kona: Yes, I totally can.

[Image: HideSeek9.jpg]
Zoey: Ok then, if you found me then I guess that means you win a kiss!
Kona: So that's your game then!

[Image: HideSeek10.jpg]
Zoey: *giggle*
Kona *kiss*

[Image: HideSeek11.jpg]
Zoey: No no! Wait!
Kona: What?
Zoey: If I'm getting the kiss that means I win right?

[Image: HideSeek12.jpg]
Kona: Has anyone ever told you you are a total brat?
Zoey: All the time! But I tell them that's ok! Kona still loves me!

[Image: HideSeek13.jpg]
Zoey: You do still love me right?
Kona: Of course I do!

[Image: HideSeek14.jpg]
Kona: You're my little ZoeZoe!
Zoey: *giggle*

[Image: HideSeek15.jpg]
Zoey: *kiss*

[Image: HideSeek16.jpg]
Kona: You are so beautiful....
Zoey: *blush* You're too sweet.

[Image: HideSeek17.jpg]
Kona: I mean it. You are amazing.
Zoey: *blush* Let's watch clouds!

[Image: HideSeek18.jpg]
Zoey: You're not watching clouds.....
Kona: Neither are you......

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