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yeay...I have just finished lovely gothic custom for a dear friend of mine...

[Image: 5474602137_8eb33f5feb.jpg]
IMGP6570a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5474602347_070abff986.jpg]
IMGP6568a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5475198918_ca4f9a6d94.jpg]
IMGP6560a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5475176618_138b6d2031.jpg]
IMGP6559a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5474579881_1292d44791.jpg]
IMGP6558a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5474579765_9f5d255223.jpg]
IMGP6552a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

pics of her making of you can see on my flickr...

she is stunning. You were so quick :O did I mention she is stunning??

*just staring now*
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The eyelids are perfection. :o
She's gorgeous!
Ooh, I'm not even big on gothic customs, but she's lovely! She reminds mestrangely of Jaldet. Only a a lot prettier, imo. xD I think it's the purple makeup and the lovely curve to the eyebrows.
Love the lips! <3
[Image: 48505022@N04.jpg]
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She is lovely!!!! Great job!!!
Wow, nice work, especially on her eyes!
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Wow, she is stunning Heart 2

You don't take commissions, do you? Sweatdrop
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Wow! She's amazing! Heart
wow she is gorgeous Special 2
Stunning.... she is GORGEOUS!!!
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I especially like her eyebrows. Who was she? She has a lovely skin tone.
[Image: 5920509991_cec2cfd2b3.jpg]
I like the purple curly tatoo on the side of her face, and the purple eyeshadow. Her eyechips matches really well with her face up too.
trillian - she was a RIDa smile
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(02-26-2011, 07:27 AM)Little_Spark Wrote: Wow, she is stunning Heart 2

You don't take commissions, do you? Sweatdrop

yes I do...she actually was a commission custom for someone who also wrote in this thread...:-)

you can pm me if you are interested..

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