Drusilla (custom RIDa) & Niamh (Fiori)
These photos are awful, blurry and bad colour, the whole disaster. These girls just arrived from Germany & I wanted to just snap a few quick pics but my camera (never great) batteries died completely so I couldn't keep going until I took a half decent shot sad

Anyhow, this is Drusilla my stunning custom RIDa from darkviolet. Multiply her beauty by 100 from my pics and you will be close smile
[Image: drucamehome.jpg]
[Image: drucamehome2.jpg]
[Image: druhome.jpg]

and this is wee Niamh, who is a true sweetheart <3
[Image: niamh.jpg]
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They are gorgeous! I can't believe that Drusilla started off as RIDa. And how do you pronounce the Dal's name? smile
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Gorgeous! <33

thankyou both ((hugs))

I know KiraKira, darkviolet works miracles. I wish I could share how gorgeous Drusilla is properly.

Niamh is pronounced Neeve, it is Celtic Irish and means bright girl which I thought was perfect for her. I just found out a dear friend of mine gave her Fiori the same name spelled differently, because of the meaning..LOL. Great minds they say
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