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Heart 2 Ebay Feedback Heart 2

Heart 2 MLPArena Feedback Heart 2
Heart 2 At home:
Barasuishou (Bara), Celsiy (Kai), Custom Nina (Sailor Scout), Custom Nahhto (unnamed)
Heart 2 Wishlist;
Pullips: Lunatic Queen, Hatsune Miku, Shan-ria, Pink Romantic Alice, Youtsuzu, Prunella,
Dals: Ciel, Joujou, Maretti, Lizbel
Taeyang: Black Butler, Raiki
Heart 2 i dream in Dollies
+1 as a buyer, prompt payment and really worried ^^
Heart 2 In Home Heart 2
Cerise (Dal Maretti) ♥ Noëlle (Pullip Sfoglia) ♥ Liam (Taeyang Lead) ♥ Teddy (Pullip Bianca) ♥ Milien (Taeyang Butler) ♥ Agony (Pullip Seila)
Heart 2 Wishlist Heart 2
♥ Pullip: Midori Fukazawa "la robe vert Clair", Lunatic Queen, Haute LA, Ddalgi, Galene, Jaldet, Classical Alice, Akemi, Oscar Francois, Fraulein, Marie Antoinette
♥ Dal: Heiwa, Melize, Lizbel
♥ Isul: Cedric, MaoMao, Hednar
♥ Taeyang: Gackt, Rayne

Special 2~mY fEeDbAcK~Special 2 Special 6 ~mY fLiCkR~Special 6
+1 for a great transaction! Bought a few clothing items from me, everything went perfect! Thanks!
Item: Bought 2 pairs of Cherry Patterned shoes for Pullip/Blythe from me^^
Date: March 16 2011
Your Location: Thailand

Comment: + 2 as Great communication and very prompt payment. Really recommended buyer~<3
+1 as a seller.

The MH girls arrived here speedy, were awesomely packaged and the seller is really nice too!
+1 Bought my custom Nina from me! Everything went perfect as always. A pleasure!!! thanks!
+2 as Buyer and Trader. We made a trade and purchase deal for a MH Deuce who arrived lighting fast and well packed. She requested a couple cute Hello Kitty beanies, was great to communicate with during the entire time. grin
+1 as a buyer

A lovely person to deal with smile Always friendly & polite, let me know as soon as her parcel arrived, paid promptly -- highly recommended to all.
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
+1 as a seller, very nice person, great dollies I bought from her thank you very much!
+1 as a buyer! Great person to deal with, communication is excellent, payment is quick! Super smooth transaction!
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+ 1 as an excellent buyer, communication was wonderful and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to do business with again.
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