Trying something different

Well I tried to change my picture a little.

I hope you like it^^

[Image: 5533087536_b9f4bc910d_z.jpg]

[Image: 5535038659_5e603afa58_z.jpg]
It looks awesome, what did you change?

I changed little the colors and did her in a cinema mode^^
Thank you much^^

Added my new pic^^
Those pics are stunning Heart 2
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Crimson (Lunatic Queen), Amalia (Elisabeth), Bloody Mary (Mir), Lana (Eos), Jareth (Sebastian), Dante (Butler), Tarja (Tiphona), Cassidy (Jaldet), Elliott (Naomi), Snookie (Chelsea), Lazulie (Another Alice), Silence (Regen Noir)
I like the new pic too, they look really good <3

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