Rue's Arrival!
So, I arrived home from the doctor to find these on my bed:

New girl!

(The cat plushie is a fan-made plush based off my novel character, Cheeva. Isn't it adorable? <3 )


Speaking of Cheeva, the poor girl hasn't been photographed for a while, so she's helping me cut open the box.

Opened <3

Guess who?

A little tape wrangling alter and, opened >=o

In Box <3

Yes, after almost a year of ogling her, Zuora!


Cheeva: *watches as I struggle to debox the new girl* Heh.


Graaaaaaaaaaaaaargh <- pretty much sums up my thought process when deboxing.

Cheeva and Zuora coat

Cheeva: Well...this isn't tacky >.>;

Zuora, deboxed

Fighting the rapidly fading light, I managed to grab a quick shot of Zuora after deboxing her <3

Rue close up

And another quick one from tonight as I worked on the mystery custom. Isn't she stunning, even in horrible lighting? XD

So, yes, meet Rue J'Klym, my newest girl and my much longed-for Zuora <3
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♥ Congrats on getting her, she's amazing! ^^ I'm waiting for a Zuora as well and seeing yours makes me want her to arrive even sooner
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YAY ZUORA <33333 she's so gorgeous <3 ^-^
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Ohhhhh Zuora, she is stunning! Huge congrats Heart 2
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Zuora is stunning! She's a little on the creepy side(husband says a lot) but that's part of her charm to me.
Woo! Congrats! smile

& when it comes to de-boxing....I feel your pain!!!!!!!!!!

Wow Zuora is so much nicer then her stock photos show. Now I'm a bit interested,
Zuora is a beautiful doll, you have chosen wisely! wink I think she's one of the most gorgeous but often overlooked. I hope you love her! XD
she is so beautiful isn't she smilesmile I recently got Zuora also, she had been one of the first pullips I ever wanted and finally ......

PS - my Byul Humpty is named Rue - great name grin And the cat plushie is awesome !
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Ohhh zuora was my third pullip ever, she's lovely. Congrats!

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Major grats! The whole un-boxing process somewhat frustrating, but once you thwart the evil cardboard fortress, it's so worth it yay!
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