Welcome Home, Celes!
My Celes came home! Celes is a Papin that I bought second hand from GreyBird1881. She is sporting the Raphia stock I bought from KiraKira. Both came today & when Celes came out of the box, it seemed like she was made for this stock.
[Image: 5559195773_b3935ba5c3.jpg]
Welcome Home! by Teslithia, on Flickr

[Image: 5559194709_462b9805e2.jpg]
Hi There! by Teslithia, on Flickr

She is adorable, amazing & I think I found my new favorite girl. Must buy extra hands for her Obitsu! Squee!
Awww there's one pretty girly. :3 That stock does look super sweet on her too. yay
I was creeping on your Flickr and noticed the new photos. Congrats, Papin is so pretty! <3
[Image: Bianca.gif]
So sweet! I like her bow stockings yay.
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Sigh dont ya just love Papinsgrin
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I do! Kirsche is my favorite but Papin is slowly closing in. Her face is just so sweet!
Squeee she does look very happy with you there! I loved her so much, glad she went to a good home!
She is so cute in that outfit!!!! Congrats on your new girl!!!
Adorable! She wears that outfit well. I have obitsu hands if you are interested. I shall PM you in a bit.
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She's absolutely adorable Heart 2
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Oh, so that is you who bought her^^ I was the second one on the waitlist, arf xD
She looks happy with you ! And she is so adorable <3
she looks so cute in that outfit! congrats on getting her ♥
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She looks so sweet I LOVE Papin, she is one of my favorites.
What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
She looks great! I love Raphia's stock on her, but then again I love Raphia's stock on everyone! XD
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your girl is adorable ^^

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