New girl! Plus some hats I made
My new Mir arrived some days ago, she doesn't have a name yet. She's gorgeous! I love everything about her <3

Sorry for the crappy pics, I have to take them with my cell. Sweatdrop

[Image: mir009.jpg]

[Image: mir010.jpg]

And 2 hats I made today from some gloves I never used. One is for my friend who collects pullips too yay

[Image: hattt.jpg]

Thanks for viewing <3
So Unseelie. Get yours at
Mir is gorgeous! congrats smile

Loving the little hats, so cute!

Thanks! yay
So Unseelie. Get yours at
I'm so jealous of your Mir Heart 2
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Mir is gorgeous and those hats are soooooooo kawaii!
hehe nice beanies! did you make it out of the Palm part?

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