Duke has finally arrived! :D (Lots of pictures. xD)
I bought him for my sister for her birthday early February. Maybe late January? Well, it was the day that he came up for pre-order. xD

He met Maguna, who's been in my sister's closet for a while, lol. He also met Bianca, who liked him quite a bit.
[Image: 5568559143_77a6a6d20e.jpg]
The family! by Mew Seira, on Flickr
Isul Duke! <img src=
[Image: 5568592919_bf07b27026.jpg]
HE'S SO ADORABLE! grin by Mew Seira, on Flickr
[Image: 5568591619_bb57be696f.jpg]
ISULLL <3 by Mew Seira, on Flickr

And at the end of the day:
It's been a long trip; I'm tired.
[Image: Bianca.gif]
Aww he is so cute!!! ;D
Mi Flickr ♥
Isul Mao
Latte outfit, Shan-ria outfit, 2xObitsu 27cm - 1x obitsu25cm -
Your Duke is really sweet! Time to spread the Isul love.
@Zuley: Thank you! ^__^
@Cornflower Blue: I wish he was mine. ;_____; I'm so happy Groove made Isul; he is the cutest boy doll I've ever layed eyes on.
[Image: Bianca.gif]
How cuuuuuuuute LOL
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Lovely family <3

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