Giselle Loves Shoes! (2 pics X-posted)
I was taking some pictures of my shoes for ebay, and Giselle couldn't pass up a chance to be photographed.

[Image: 5580194731_f9146a604b.jpg]DSCN1596 by onelilmermaid, on Flickr

"My, those are huge!"

[Image: 5580195027_7095b1f9c2.jpg]DSCN1595 by onelilmermaid, on Flickr

"Does this look too awkward?"
Giselle looks so glamorous draped over your shoes yay
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Thank you! That's exactly what I was trying to get! yay
I've got some boots like those :p

I love Giselles dress, it fits her really well. I'm getting an aya soon, your girl makes my fingers itch to get her sooner! lol.

Thank you! I must say, I was not disappointed when I got her; she's a wonderful Pullip. I hope you get yours soon!

EDIT: Also, the dress is a Barbie dress that I altered to fit her better. ^^
Very cute!!!
Thank you!

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