The New Boy In The Neighborhood
I had trouble bonding with my Taeyang Rayne, so I sold him & used the money to buy Taeyang Arion. He was the one I wanted from the beginning but I made my husband sway my decision. So he arrived yesterday, which I was not expecting. Super fast! Anyway, here are a few pictures of Arion who's name is Nero:

[Image: 5590071195_66315d94df.jpg]
Box Photo by Teslithia, on Flickr

[Image: 5590661692_00ef5db63d.jpg]
Inside The Box by Teslithia, on Flickr

[Image: 5590659846_8f055a2a12.jpg]
Wolf Arm by Teslithia, on Flickr

[Image: 5590662488_c847d325b2.jpg]
Hello Handsome by Teslithia, on Flickr

[Image: 5590663676_b3c0bb777c.jpg]
Follow Me by Teslithia, on Flickr

[Image: 5590075207_ea8d8ec8ec.jpg]
For You, M'Lady by Teslithia, on Flickr

The last photo is my favorite. I squeed a bunch while taking it. Overall I like him much more. Right from the beginning I had a name & his eyes just melt me. Today he's hanging out with me at work, just so I can show him off a bit. grin
Glad you're happier with him smile I like the last picture too, it looks very cwl!

he is very very gorgeous grin I have wanted Arion since I started collecting, but have never seemed to find a time when I had money and he was a good price. I love your pics, I had no idea he had streaked hair or a tatt. Now I will really hunt him down LOL

Congratulations, and that last photo is definitely my favourite too Heart 2
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Nice photos, Gina! Rayne is a handsome Taeyang, but I think you made a good choice in letting him go so that you could get Arion instead. Arion has very pretty eyes...and his tattoo is cool. Thanks for sharing your photos--his pose in the third photo is the best. smile
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I'm so glad you're happier with this dashing young man! He's so handsome. I really love his outfit, too--all the Naoto dolls are fabulously dressed.
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He is stunning!!!
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oh wow he has a tattoo? I had no idea! He's gorgeous!

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