My first Pullip- Melissa!
I got my first Pullip, Melissa a few days ago, and I wanted to share a few pictures. I love her!

[Image: m1-1.jpg]
[Image: m2.jpg]
[Image: m4.jpg]
[Image: m3.jpg]
The red background is the perfect backdrop for her! It really accentuates her red lips and red accents on her uniform/underwear. You've taken some really nice pictures of her~
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She's so pretty! *_*
Did she come with that bra? So cute!
Very cute! I didn't realize she was so sassy! Lol, great pics. yay
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She's really beautiful grin
Thanks everyone!

Nytherial, she did come with the bra. She also has little black lace undies (under the hotpants) that are attached to one of the stockings via ribbon. So cute, but it means she has to wear the stockings if she going to wear her undies!
She comes with a Bra!! How neat!!

Congrats on your first girl!! She is a beauty!!!
Melissa is fabulous! XD I love your pictures of her! She's one of my favorite Pullips. <3 By the way, I snipped off the ribbon on my girl so she can wear the panties without the stocking. smile
Lovely pictures and a great selection may I say for your first Pullip.
she looks really cool! I love how she come with cool undies together LOL
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Great photos, both in the complete uniform and the... not so complete uniform! ;-)
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She looks awesome with the blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips! And I didn't know she had such an amazing stock Heart 2
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sexy girl! Melissa is the most atractive pullip in the world haha! I love her outfit ^^
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She's gorgeous smile I love Melissa's stock, it's awesome <3

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