Welcome Jordyn! Pullip Paja!
Hi all, Lately I have made a ton of dolly changes to my family, I sold about 8 pullips, a dal, and a dolk leffy. My Blythe family got bigger than my pullips and is still growing! I always wanted a paja ever since I started collecting though and so I broke down and finally found one, she has restored my love for pullips once more! everyone please welcome Jordyn Lyndsey!
[Image: DSCN7990.jpg]
[Image: DSCN8003.jpg]
[Image: DSCN8006.jpg]
[Image: DSCN8001.jpg]
She is a dream and I know she is one of the girls that will never leave my collection!
who is the one girl that will never leave your collection?
Aww!!! She is so cute!!!

One that will never leave is my Cornice and Bara.
She's so cute! Do you have any pics of her in her stock? That costume is adorable! yay Grats on your new girl!
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Congrats! She's gorgeous!!! The pullips that will never leave my collection are my Jupi and Assa, I love those girls!
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Awww hi Jordyn! <33
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awww congrats!!! ♥ she's adorable!
I would never let go my Paja, Oren, Haute NY and Chill ♥ they are my most precious girls ^^
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Paja is lovely, and your Jordyn is no exception! She looks so beautiful, and the natural light really helps her gorgeous Paja eyes stand out!

I can't say there's a Pullip that would never leave my collection, as a few years back I sold all of my Pullips. Rb_x
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She's lovely <33

I doubt Erin will ever leave my collection, she's a fully customised mini-me, & I'm rather attached to her.

congrats Lisa, Paja is such a lovely doll smile

I can't imagine any of my pullips leaving my family, so far the only "kids" I have been able to part with when forced were a couple of Dal girlies. I do know that my darkviolet custom Drusilla would have to be dragged from my cold dead hand LOL
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The last pic is incredibly cute, she is such a beauty!!! Heart 2
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Congratulations! She is beautiful.
I don't know how I missed this thread, but I'm SO glad you love her!!! I don't think I could have let her go to someone who wouldn't love her as much as she deserved!

AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd...I'll never get rid of my Izzy, and my Irina, to answer your question, lol. Cornice and Princi <3
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Awww thanks! I do love her, she is so special! I have not forgot about you either, just waiting till payday again! I promise soon! xoxo
Oh she is gorgeous, I love Paja!

A doll that will never leave my collection is a custom Dal I got from Sheepie named Emaline!

[Image: 4411431791_d1aa67b3b7_o.png]

She's so gorgeous & she has great fashion sense. smile It's nice to know that even though you like Blythes, you like Pullips as well.

In answer to your question, I get panicky thinking about parting with any of the dolls I have, but I know that every single Taeyang I have currently is safe and will never leave.
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