Fenn in her new wig....*pic heavy*
Thanks both smile

Here's a couple more pics for the hell of it....

[Image: Photo0854.jpg]

[Image: Photo0841.jpg]


beautiful girl!
the pic with the doggy is so cute ^^
She's gorgeous! everything about Prunella is beautiful and this blue wig is perfect for her! ^^
she looks fantastic!
nive girl! I love her hippie style grin
my Flickr Heart Feel free to add me ^^!

sorry for my Englishblush
Thanks all for your lovely comments smile

she's so stunning! I really want my own pru, gosh darn her for being sold out!
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What a gorgeous light-looking wig! Nice find! ^^ I love the last picture, heh!
Thanks Cherryfox smile She is a really gorgeous doll to have, I'd keep looking if I were you, she's bound to pop up for a decent price at some point.

Thanks cartagia, It's lighter than I was expecting, but I think it suits her too.

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