Rovam in her new outfit

Today I made a jeans for Rovam and changed her outfit.

Hope you like her.

[Image: 5687526154_e8948a2def_z.jpg]
When I first scrolled down to this my immediate reaction was "DAT FACE." <3

The jeans are great and they match the outfit perfectly~
she looks so lovely in that wig!
CUTE! I've always adored Rovam smile
[Image: dasdadasdadadasd.png]
She is very pretty and I love the outfit you have done!!
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Nicely done! I love how those colors look on her!
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Very pretty, I love the wig you've got her in.

She is adorable! Love the jeans. I just want to pinch her little cheeks. he he grin
Very cute outfit!
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The outfit is really cute! I love her eye chips, are they stock?

The more I see Rovam the more I like her, what a lovely wig she is wearing!
How cute and innocent looking girl! You put toghether a very nice set for her smile
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Thank you much everyone^^

These are not her stock eye chips^^
She looks really pretty with those clothes! ^^ That isn't her stock wig, right?
(05-25-2011, 12:21 AM)Nanda Wrote: She looks really pretty with those clothes! ^^ That isn't her stock wig, right?

Thank you much. No this a other wig^^
I got this wig by her.

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