Vocaloids are here! The unboxing :) *photo heavy*
I put this up on PullipStyle so it's the same one haha smile

My Vocaloids came the other day! They are just amazing! I pre-ordered them in February so the wait was very long but very worth it!
Here's a lot of Vocaloid spam!

Ciel is here to help unbox! The box was so lightweight and smaller than I'd thought for 3 dolls!
[Image: IMG_7325.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7334.jpg]
In bubble wrap! I got some gifts too! Charms with their pictures on, so cute!

[Image: IMG_7343.jpg]
I decided to unbox Len first, made me laugh how the hair is attached to the box!

[Image: IMG_7349.jpg]
Yellow nails and '02 Kagamine Len ACT 2' written on his arm!

[Image: IMG_7357.jpg]
Ciel meeting Len grin

[Image: IMG_7365.jpg]
Rin was next and much cuter in real life than the promo pictures! I don't know if it's normal but she wasn't wrapped in plastic at all and Len was :S

[Image: IMG_7372.jpg]
They are just so cute!
[Image: IMG_7385.jpg]
Miku Miku!
[Image: IMG_7386.jpg]
Seriously some cute panties haha!

That was the unboxing, so here's some more photo spam!
[Image: IMG_7396.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7400.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7422.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7431.jpg]
oh yeah, Len's clothes are damaged sad it was like that when he came out of the box so happened before I got him. I don't mind though!
[Image: IMG_7435.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7440.jpg]
close up of the words

[Image: IMG_7447.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7454.jpg]

[Image: IMG_7489.jpg]
18th century meets the present haha!
[Image: IMG_7504.jpg]
Thanks for looking!
I'm seriously in love with them!
Aww, so cute! grin I love the Vocaloid dolls. <3
Those 2 Dals are really cute <3 The pullip looks like her face-up is really pretty.

Wooow I love Rin she is such cutie girl. The pullip and the other dal is very pretty too. *__*
Congraz for all!!
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congratulations smile I think the pullip is very pretty and the dals are cute.
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Rin is so adorable! I might have to put her on my wishlist too. -_____-
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Miku is gorgeous! Major grats!
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Thank you for posting photos! How was the quality of Miku's hair, does it frizz quickly?
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OMG i'm in love with them!!! congrats!
Congrats on your new dolly's! grin Love them all! Specially Miku and Rin! Heart
Congrats on getting all of them!!!The outfits are splendidly made and Miku is gorgeous and cute too!! ^^
Miku is gorgeus. I´m waiting MikuSnow version but I won´t have it until July sad
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Thanks! I'm so happy to have them smile I'll be eagerly awaiting the other vocaloid release!
@mrsmarks - the hair seems like a nice high quality synthetic, it's really soft and easy to brush smile
Wow all 3! Cool! Aw Ciel is really cute too. :3
Wow you have the complete set, major congrats!!! Heart 2
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