my new Custom - a Byul!!!
I dont have better pics at the moment because she is just finished and now its dark outside...
I just have a quick snap for you...

this is my first Byul custom ( never did a Byul before, but I love doing it!!)

[Image: 5697485570_5cf681c726.jpg]
IMGP7145a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

this is what I have done on her:

sanding face-up down
lip carving and shaping
new face up
new eye lashes
new eyes ( green teddyeyes)[/
She's adorable! I love what you did to her lips and the eyes are very pretty! smile
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wow the first byul i actually like!
[Image: dasdadasdadadasd.png]
she is gorgeous smile Heart 2 I love her eyes especially. Your customs just keep tempting me LOL
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I love what you did with her lips! She's so precious!
wow, thank you all so much, it means a lot to me you like her...

today I have made some new pics...but these are slightly too bright...

[Image: 5700298040_5122f893d5.jpg]
IMGP7160a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5699727487_71e6cb13b6.jpg]
IMGP7154a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5699727903_39cc3b5dc7.jpg]
IMGP7157a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

hope you still like her...

here some more pics of her face-up
[Image: 5699787883_31bb394af1.jpg]
IMGP7162a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5699787627_2c467d4143.jpg]
IMGP7164a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
she is so cute. You did a great job on her. I like her new face up and lips.
She's fab! Love the pink/purple eyelashes x
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I think the sunny lighting goes with her cute little face! I want to give her cuddles. yay
her faceup is so pretty and her eyes ...... totally gorgeous hun ((hugs))
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Aww- what a cutie! I love her lips! <3
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wow I love her! ♥ great job!
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Great job!! i love her! it's so cute ^^
I like her lips very much, she is so adorable!
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Awww! she looks fantastic ^__^*

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