Three pink girls at the park

With these wonderful last days (oh! sunshine), I found the time to photograph some of my girls, Anouk (Grell) Emma (MyMelody) and Papin ( still no name! ). They were a little shy about posing for pics at first, but I think they warmed up to it after a little bit.

Here are pics of some of my favorites . . . enjoy!!

[Image: 110508.-Trio.jpg]

[Image: 110508.-Papin.jpg]

[Image: 110508.-Emma2.jpg]

[Image: 110508.-trio2.jpg]

[Image: 110508.-Anouk2.jpg]

[Image: 110508.-trio3.jpg]
they look lovely together x
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Beautiful! I love your My melody!
They're all so cute! I love the way you've dressed them and the color of Emma's wig is wonderful on her.
Lovely girls! I love the color pink and I love the way your girls wear it. smile
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Cherryfox:Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my pics!

GreyBird1881:Thank you very much! Emma is sweet as a cotton candy heehe

Crayolatictac:Thank you!! this style suits her so well...and you can find this wig on jpopdolls too Tongue

mrsmarks :Thanks!! My girls are very flattered! ^^
I love your Grell <3 Her eyes really pop, are they acrylics?

(05-11-2011, 05:16 PM)Lilcurly Wrote: I love your Grell <3 Her eyes really pop, are they acrylics?

Thanks sweetie!!! yes, her eyes are acrylics from safrindoll, it was something difficult to install, but her blue eyes is beauty and different of the rest smile

All your girls are beautiful but I love your Grell, she's really quite unique.
They look awesome together!
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I'm glad to hear that, thank you Little_Spark and LosTandFounD!!!


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