Lan Ai
I searched and couldn`t find inform on this, so I decided to ask here.^^`

I was wondering how much would she cost for any of the following conditions:

2. MIB
3. Nude in ok condition (include typical T2`s flaws: tummy pop/melt or falling off limbs etc)
4. Her stock outfit

Thank you in advance~<3
I saw an NRFB in Mandarake last summer and it was priced at 16800 yen, so that could be prob around $168-$175.
MIB - $150-$160
Nude with flaws (defective limbs/melt/torso) - $70-80
Nude without flaws - roughly $100-120
Stock outfit would be probably around $50-60 depending on condition.

Hope that helps.
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Oh thank you so much for your reply.<3 That really help~grin

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