Quick Photoshoot with my first girl!
This is Cal, a rough-and-tumble tomboy who arrived to me this morning. I put some Liv clothes on her immediately and took her outside to get a few pictures!
[Image: 5737173154_3087bc15fa.jpg]

[Image: 5736619723_780fb5894a.jpg]

[Image: 5737169772_3685f68ef3.jpg]

[Image: 5736616185_1bda0396ea.jpg]
[Image: girlswinter.png]
She is a very pretty tomboy! Heart Congrats! grin
I am ridiculously excited to have her!
[Image: girlswinter.png]
Oh she's lovely x
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Oh wow! She's stunning!
I just fear that my Flickr is going to become flooded with pictures of her this weekend! LOL I've broken out the iPhone and gotten Hipstamatic shots, too...

[Image: 5737339506_c17a466683.jpg]

[Image: 5736855505_a5b8313451.jpg]

I wasn't prepared for how amazing it is to pose her and give her body language of her own!
[Image: girlswinter.png]
She is very pretty!!! Congrats on your new girl!!!
Grats on your girl! She does give off a spunky personality.
I know what you mean about flickr. I had to get Pro just because of the flood of pictures over the past few months.
Yeah, I think Pro is an inevitability. Also, one of those doll carrier bags because she's likely to start tagging along in my messenger bag.

What have I gotten myself into! grin
[Image: girlswinter.png]
Lol, Pullips are awesome aren't they!! :p She is gorgeous, It's great to hear you're enjoying her so much smile

Congrats on your first girl! Cal is really so cute (hope she doesn't mind me saying so yay), great photos as well!
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Congrats on your first! I like her short hair smile cute!
She's absolutely gorgeous and you are taking great pics of her!
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Eeep! She's awesome and I love her wig! Which Pullip is she? Are you addicted yet? (hehe) Any plans to get another?
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She's a Kaela, and I've already got a Tiphona on her way to me. So yeah, there are plans! grin
[Image: girlswinter.png]

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