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please be so kind as to add feedback if i have bought or sold with you. thank you ever so much!
I purchased an Arietta head from kaninchen- the head arrived safe and sound! It was a great transaction, the item was shipped promptly and the seller was super friendly and sent a nice pair of shoes to boot! Kaninchen even refunded a part of the shipping that went unused! Thank you so much! I would definately do business with again!
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+1 as a seller.
Bought cornice's complete stock. Was in good condition. Thanks a bunch!
Was great to deal with she was fast to reply and very friendly smile +1 as a seller
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+1 as a fantastic seller Happy
I bought some clothes and accesories for my dolls and everything was perfect!! Great communication, very fast shipping... Thanks!!
My transaction for a Lan Ake body and dress with Kaninchen went wonderfully! Thanks for the well packaged and fast shipped items. Love!

dal :0)
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+1 as a seller,

Kimono came fast and it's beautiful Thank you =3
Dolls Dolls and more dolls (sighs)
+1 thank you for adopting Wind!
+1 positive feedback. I was the buyer. Fantastic seller and I would deal with her again.
+1 First she bought from me then I bought from her . Good times both ways thanks so much AAA++++++++++++
+1 as a seller.
Bought two dolls from her. They came just as described. Gave all information in a PM including tracking & delivery date! Thanks so much!
I sold kaninchen a Cinciallegra wig, and she paid immediately, and let me know when it arrived. I would love to have more transactions in the future with this great DM member!
+1 as a buyer! Great transaction, fast payment! Thanks!!
+1 for a nice seller. I bought Paja from her and she packed well. The doll came in good condition as mentioned. Very friendly and great communication. Thank you very much! smile
+1 as a great seller. I bought Arietta's outfit from her. Great comunication, well packaging and fast delivery. Outfit is in great condition as described. I would deal with her again wink
Thank you!!

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