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Fave pony
YAY! Thank you for the new subforum!

To celebrate, how about sharing what your fave pony of all time is? Past and present. What's your fave version of them?

I've always loved Wisteria and Pinky Pie my self. All versions. >w<
I also love Cherries Jubilee though. The colours make me happy.
I love Pretty Pop as well but I was never able to get her.
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Cotton Candy...she was my very first. I'm also a big fan of Gusty.
G1 My Little Pony Merry Treat - i still have her on display on my shelf - i just wish i could find her baby Stocking...
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Woo! pony forum grin

Gusty is my favourite pony, definitely, I had her when I was little, & she was my favourite then. She & Tornado have a love affair going on, lol.

My first pony was Blossom so she holds a special place in my heart. I also love Bowtie and Seashell. I'm old.
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Rainbow Dash!!! All versions, especially G4. wink
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:3 Can I make an odd request and ask if you guys would post pics of your favorites because I know nothing about the ponies but would love to see the ones you guys are talking about! smile
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I second Dusk's request smile I would love to see !
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Fizzy all the way!!! She was never re-released for the G3 wave, but I'd be over the moon if they decided to make a G4 version! yay

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quick noob question - what is the G1, 2, 3 etc? Is it new models of the same ponies?
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Here's Applejack for anyone curious
[Image: 5900070590_1f54d2c4e5.jpg]

I'm not really a pony expert, but the different generations refer to when they were released G1 were the original ponies from the 1980s to early 1992 here in the states (1995 internationally), then they started making more ponies in 1997 and those were G2 they weren't very popular so they stopped being made around 2000. G3 started being released around 2003 and has featured a few redesigns (the ponies with like the slightly oversized heads are G3 as well right?) I know for a while in G3 they were releasing and releasing the same seven ponies repeatedly (erm let me think- Scootaloo, Pinkie Pie, Starsong, Cheerilee, Sweetie Belle I can't remember the rest ^^; ). G4 are what I collect, and they are based off of the new TV show My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic they started being released in 2010.

The characters are a bit more complex, some ponies only got released in one generation but sometimes they have multiple releases. Applejack for example was released in G1, G3 and G4.

I wish I had one each of the ponies handy these are the different gens that I have on hand unfortunately Pony theft is a frequent problem in this house (caught in the act at Requiemart's house)
[Image: 4374402223_da5c9fee50.jpg]

G1 Pony- Parasol (I think?)
[Image: 5107532989_90ef67cd8b.jpg]

G3 Pony- Junko Mizuno Art Pony
[Image: 5317487028_fd1c4d4c1e.jpg]
Some of my larger headed G3 ponies can be seen in this picture (this was before they were stolen by the zilla)
[Image: 5211920317_f8cfeb02d2.jpg]

G4 Pony- Larger version of Applejack
[Image: 5865599524_9ac94f3887.jpg]
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