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Which generation do you collect? & what are your thoughts?
G1: For the most part, it's been "passive collecting" I spy them in a yard sale or thrift store? I grab them. The only one's I've purposely set out to buy online were a replacement for my childhood Dangles (Still have the other one, Pony Bride! <3), my Loving Family daddies, a Wigwam and a Barnacle (who needs him some fixing up). I they have a neat, nostalgic look to them.

G2: I have ONE. It's "passive collecting" as well and they don' turn up often around here. I'd love to find the boys, though. Particularly Clever Clover.

G3: A couple. Minty was a must-have and I have one of the transparent ones just because it reminded me of the G1 Glow n' Shows. I liked how they returned to a shape that was like a modernized G1.

G3.5: Eeenope. Not a fan of the proportions. I have a mini Sweetie Belle and popcorn cart I got from my mum, though. <3

G4: GO GO GO GO! I have...quite a few. I'm not a completeist collector but, still, I swear they multiply while I sleep. I love the program. I probably would have bought an Applejack at some point anyway but I decided to watch the program to see what the fuss was about and got hooked. Style-wise, I think they handled the stylised cartooniness better than G3.5. Excited to see what they do next.

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