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Which generation do you collect? & what are your thoughts?
I used to own quite a lot of G1s though I think I must have sold a few as I can't find as many as I remember owning. I had a unicorn and a sea pony that I can't seem to find. I had a couple of G2s, but I mostly like the extras in the sets they came with, they always came second to the G1s. Quite a few of mine came from carboot sales so they weren't always in perfect condition.

Generally now I'm more into dolls so my ponies have taken the back seat for quite sometime and I'm not really into FiM at all I personally don't like the aesthetic (though I love Rainbow Dash's colour scheme), I've been planning to sell the ones I own and just keep one (Sky Rocket that I bought from a car boot sale with a cut mane who I would like to re root) and a fake pony I got from Poundland to practice re rooting on.
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