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Which generation do you collect? & what are your thoughts?
Even though I was a kid in the 80s, G3 are my favorite ponies. grin They came out when I was in college, and my best friend and I started collecting them, being just the right age for childhood nostalgia. We'd go to celebrate getting our tiny paychecks from our work-study program, or for surviving exams, or things like that. They had magnets in their feet, and my collection lived on my tiny dorm room fridge, walking all over it like mountain goats. :3 I sometimes left one stuck to my bestie's door if I went to see her and she wasn't in -- it was quicker than leaving a note, and then she'd HAVE to come see me to bring the pony back.

My favorites were rainbow dash and sunny daze. When I was in grad school, my mom passed my collection on to her goddaughter, so all I have left is a little rainbow dash keychain. I'm thinking about replacing my favorite two though: they seem pretty cheap on ebay!

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