idyllic summer days
Angelique, nearly overcome by stress from her summer job and from college applications, found the need to visit her favourite place: the Mill River.


In the beauty of the river, she finally relaxed.

"If I ever get married," Ange mused dreamily, "I would like my wedding to take place here."

Her new friends--other kids hanging out by the docks--taught Angelique how to dive and cannonball.

At first, our heroine was afraid. But then she realized:

Life is like swimming: sometimes you just have to take a leap.


{{apologies for any swimming errors. I can't swim myself, so my friends (who can) posed Angelique for me Tongue }}
[Image: 5992097185_d071770e9f_m.jpg]
jour 30 | the return by ~*~Sitara~*~, on Flickr
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Oh my, those picstures are absolutely perfect!!! Heart 2

How did you do them???
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very cool! I love the action shots! Did you have to throw her?

I too love the action shots and wonder how on earth you managed it XD I suppose that's a trade secret though? ;D
Also loving the little pier you've made! Really helps add to the atmosphere :]
Wonderful! Love the sense of movement and the little pier.
Wow!! What a neat photo!!!

All photos are really amazing smile My doll feel jealous that they don't have anyone who could get such nice shots of them wink
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really awesome photos
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Great photos! smile
The pictures are so breath taking!! I can't believe how beautiful the poses and light and surroundings are, it's like magic ^__^
WOW! amazing photos!
My fiancé suggests you must've used fishing line for it? grin That's our best guess anyway!
I'm very envious and want (just like the rest of the forum) to know how you did it! grin
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