My first adopted doll!!!! She's here!!!!
Meet September Elizabeth!!!
[Image: SeptemberElizabeth.jpg]
[Image: SeptemberElizabeth2.jpg]

And new pics of my 2 new girls

[Image: Selena-1.jpg]
[Image: Selena2.jpg]

& Serena
[Image: Serena-1.jpg]
[Image: Serena2.jpg]
You like your 'S' names, don't you Kat? Tongue I wonder how they'll get on with your other girls...more pic fics please!
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They're cuties!! Huge congrats on them smile

september elizabeth is beautiful!!
She is adorable! Congrats!
Love Selena hair! It looks just like candy <3
September Elizabeth, a pretty name for a pretty girl! And your two pink girls remind me of Cotton Candy. Adorable!
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