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Leave feedback for me here. Either buying or selling.
+1 as a buyer

Perfect transaction! Thank you! Happy
+1 as a buyer

bought an outfit and leggins from me - was a pleasure to do business with yay
+1 for a great sale

bought a few pairs of pants from me and as always, was a pleasure ^^
+1 as a buyer, bought a skirt and cute shirt. I am sorry it was late getting to you:-)
1+ as a buyer
Great buyer! Nice communication!
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+1 as a buyer
CocoBliss bought a dress from me. Prompt payment and great communication. Thanks! smile
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Wanted: Black Angelic Pretty outfit and Harley Quinn's stock FULL WANT LIST
+1 as a buyer, bought some tights from me! everything went perfect, thanks!
+1 as a buyer! Thanks!!
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-1 as a buyer !

There was a bug so I didn't have your adress and I waited for it to send you the package : NORMAL

Then you harrassed me so BADLY to get your money back but I ALREADY SENT the items so you'll have nothing but the items OK ?

I've never seen such a rude person ! shit !

Stop harrassing me and just wait a little longer ! I'm not responsible for French and foreign post delays OK ?

seriously what a bad transaction for me ! never will do that again with you you're black listed !

- impatient
- rude
- probably lying too because I never saw one of my pm's disapear all of a sudden while give my shipping adress sorry !
- may harass the seller to get her money back whereas you sent the package.

Next time if you want to get a tracking number from France just tell the seller and above all be prepared to pay a lot for it because tracked package to foreign country is = more or less 10€ OK ???!!!
I asked you very nicely for my my money back. I was not rude. You waited to send out my items on the 24th, after I paid on the 13th of Feb. Second I am not lying. When I get items from anybody on this site I let them know that I have received it. I only asked for my money back cause I have waited 3 week to get the items that I purchased.

I would like to know who I have harassed? Everybody that I bought from gave me my items in a timely manner and most of them don't ask for the money as a gift. Cursing on my feedback seems to me that you are immature because you know that you are in the wrong. Why do you think that it is okay to ship out whenever you feel like when I payed you in a timely manner? In the real world if you have a business, you ship your items on time. That's how it works. I am trying to get in in your head since you are young and all that you can't just do whatever you like with people that worked hard for their money. And If harassing means emailing you twice asking for my money back is not harassing. Then after I had paid you changed your ad seems fishy to me they were numbered and you emailed me back asking what clothes did I purchased from you.

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[Image: 0101d131-1.png]
[Image: cc81bf9c.png]

Just do not go on with it please. Moreover I was told that I was not the first person you harrassed during transactions so do not make your case get even worse by denying it ^^" I'm not a stupid guy you know.

You were not nice at all. When I finally got it posted (because of my several orders to send) you "changed your mind, wanted to cancel order and want money back" are you in wonderland ? I'm not.
+1 as a buyer. Coco was understanding when I told her I'd misplaced one of the items she wanted. I ended up sending her the other item and an extra shirt after a full refund. Thank you. smile
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